Dec 7
9:32 pm
11/21 from barbara
Dear Every,

I want you to know my responses to what I wrote you yesterday. Upon reflection in the evening I thought these answers that I was so proud of momentarily sound like a standard interview format and do not reveal our friendship nor an ongoing project. With that in mind I had these other thoughts: ask me the same questions every week (and me to you). I can imagine the changes that would occur given more reflection or plain old frustration eventually… Other ways of carrying on—skype now that you are closer in time value, non verbal visual communication (drawing, random words presented as visuals?).

I’m sad it took me so long to get into the project but now I’m there! I’m curious to know–are others involved? Who? What other ideas have you come up with beyond the interview format? Have you envisioned this as a presentation? A book? An online event(s)? I am very curious and excited to be working together!