Dec 8
12:29 am
12/21 from every
Hi Barbara.
Very nice to get some replies and questions for moving forward.
I am currently an artist-at-large with Camden Arts Centre (London) and have spoken with them about publishing the conversation online, which they are happy to do. I have had ideas beyond that, but I thought we could wait to see what happens first, what format(s) make most sense. Mostly, I’m just very interested in us writing back and forth and getting you to talk about your experience. I prefer the writing interview format because I want to be bold and clear, looking at death and palliative care with you, and I feel that can happen in writing more than in conversation where we soften ourselves for relationality. But I can be flex. We could skype if that sounds better/easier to you. You tell me! It is your experience!
Here are some new questions. Let me know how these questions are for you and if you want to pursue other formats.

  1. What have you read or seen that has impacted your experience of dying consciously?
  2. I know you’ve worked on organizing and placing your archive for many years, can you talk about that decision and process?
  3. Do you estimate your remaining alive time or do you have a strategy for not looking ahead?
  4. What has changed in the month since I first asked about your sensorial experience?