Dec 11
8:59 pm
14/21 from barbara
Hi Emily,

Further clarification. In June of 2015 I started seriously and regularly keeping a journal of my illness and experiences around it. It has grown to something like 25000 pages now—in case I’m wrong on that, it would come to about 70 or 80 pages so far. An editor has approached me and we are engaged. She has sent a few pages of it a short time ago to a publisher who upon inquiry seemed interested. I haven’t heard back.

I have been thinking of a chapbook or small personal work.

When your suggestion came along I was thrilled as I so admire your approach to living and making. When I got the “gay inquiry” I was even happier as I hadn’t addressed queer death/dying/living in my writing per se.
Now you write about online publishing or something else?
I would love to include our back and forth in my writing if you agreed and editor thought it worked. If you don’t agree, I would want to address some of your questions without rewriting what I’ve already written to you, but reframe and rewrite. My problem is I’m not doing so well and time to write is a premium.

Please get back to me with above answered.