Jan 6
10:28 pm
19/21 from barbara
Love your writing!
Questions about what Queers inspired me. Virginia Woolf on Illness. Did you see the recently published book on her essay plus one by her mother. Will find title.

I had the idea to die in a gallery—more later when/if feel better—and was approved by R (name retrieval becoming hard) before they moved to Brooklyn, but Florrie didn’t like that plan.

I read about an artist that gave birth in Microscope Gallery a few years ago by now—was researching to see if anyone died in such space.
Now I’ve reconnected with Carolyn Lazare (she’s my friend—how could I forget for an instance?) who will publish on health issues in forthcoming magazine edited by Corine Fitzgerald who tells me she wrote for your Vienna Secession show. Corrine and I are working together on a new piece on death and other issues. I’m very excited about this. I was drawn to C’s writing from an essay on a health conference in Aspen where she wove in queer issues of AIDS impressive to me.

About two years ago I read books about people dying that were on nytimes best seller list. Atul Gawande On Being Mortal and another about a man losing his breath. He was a doctor recently graduated and young. If I find I’ll reference.

Suppose there’s much on AIDS but didn’t research personal stories (DW of course) but not deeply.

I have been in Palliative care since last May but now after the Whitney lecture has the decline begin (I knew that’s why I rushed for the date). I don’t know how to tell people rather than directly and I don’t want to go online and be overwhelmed.

The archive question is important. I’ve written or told so much before. Will find energy shortly. Please add the above to your list of Qs and As.

Very keen on specifics of how you helped your grandmother die. F has promised that to me. I’m so lucky!

I’m very glad we are in touch.